#5- Blog – Four Mutant variants – All Over India

              Today this blog is not intended to make you anxious about the number of cases spreading or the number of people dying. I’ll be majorly sharing the points about which we cannot make a difference and also which is stopping us from making progress in limiting the viral spread. Recently, a team of scientists from CCMB (Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology) clarified that there are 4 mutants of this corona virus, which differs from the earlier 2 mutants. The director of CCMB shared this undiscovered fact. As handling one mutation was already a big task for the country, addition of 4 new mutants now is a real challenge for India. Vaccines have been developed but the efficacy cannot be 100% for even one mutant virus. Even though vaccines do not have a 100% efficacy, they are efficient in providing a barrier and we must not have a casual attitude towards getting vaccinated. There are 4 different mutants from different geographical areas of the country. The B1.617 variant, also called as UK variant of Covid have been found in northern parts of India such as Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. B1.617.1 , B1.617.2 ,B1.617.3 are the double and triple mutant variants and about 10% cases are found in Maharashtra. In West Bengal and eastern part of country including Manipur and the surrounding areas, B1.618 variant virus have been detected in more than 20% reported Covid cases. Southern parts like Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are witnessing N440K variant of covid-19.


             From all the above information, we can know the number of variants that exist. But what about the lethal variant? The most lethal mutant is N440K and the double mutants (UK variants) B1.617 and B1.618, causing 10% and 20% Covid cases respectively.
We all are frustrated by the current situation feeling helpless sitting at our homes, some cribbing about not being able to have a trip to Himachal, visit Goa with friends, or enjoy the coconut waters of Kerala while many facing financial crisis due to this pandemic, but each one of us can contribute towards recovering from this pandemic real soon by staying safe at our home and stepping out with all the precautions needed only when necessary. The way mutants are arising, travelling will be a serious mistake made by us. 

Stay home and be healthy & hope this blog made you aware about some of the current information and do spread this awareness amongst others as well.


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