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In today’s blog I won’t be sharing where the drugs are available, nor any tricks to get them quickly. Moreover I’ll be discussing, the on field scenario of the drug & its history of distribution.

Being a Pharmacist & an active entrepreneur in the retail world, hits me with huge updates on certain drugs & its scenarios. However not only a person from retail world but also a common man knows the drug Remdesivir as it received a lot of attention in past few days.

The picture below depicts the normal drug distribution chain and a similar distribution chain was in practice with respect to Remdesivir, but with the presence of extra protocols in order to protect its abuse. Extra protocols included maintenance of a mandatory record by the chemist with the below listed details,

1) Hospital Prescription,
2) Aadhaar Card details of Patient & Pickup Person
3) Patient’s COVID +ve Report.


This process of maintaining records wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea thus, only few chemist were ready to take up this challenge. Later as the scenario changed, a restriction in export and import of drug came into picture with an addition in rise to COVID-19 cases affecting the stock calling analysis of retailers & stock available with them. Thus, a new scenario of hoarding the drug came into practice. I hope everyone remembers the time when we started panic buying from DMarts & other stores, similarly drugs were hoarded, in order to protect their family or preserve it for the times of crisis eventually leading to decrease in availability of drug. As soon as the shortage of drug was highlighted, the drugs were allowed to be sold only by the distributors to decrease the obstruct chain & bring comfort to this issue. Thus, the saved vials which were previously distributed, were now being stored and later an unintended black marketing of the drug began.

In my opinion black marketing wasn’t intentional, but if cycle wasn’t disturbed by restrictions this scenario would have never existed. Also the synergistic demand of drug could’ve been prevented, if hospitals would have analyzed the priority and need with respect to patient’s conditions.

But the chaos was still on, to handle this situation FDA issued a new set of rules where Drug Inspectors (DI) & company’s producing this drug like “Cipla, Hetero, Mylon, Zydus & Dr. Reddy’s” together worked & created various portals to make sure that the needy one’s do not suffer due to this unpredicted situation.

As of now that is from 24th April, Pharmacy’s which are affiliated to the COVID Hospitals are mandatory to follow and request PO’s (Purchase Orders) on behalf of the patients providing the “Annexure form B” with respect to the number of Beds & Patients available & then its been granted by the Distributors, still stock aren’t adequate from the supplier, which increases the bounce of the same.

With all these updates, a misconception that, this is a life- saving drug developed amongst common people. However, it is just an experimental drug recommended only for emergency use in the treatment of COVID-19, to increase the rate of recovery & reduce the days spent in hospital which may help new patients to be treated at a better pace. This was all the update on “Distribution of Experimental Drug – Remdesivir”, hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

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