#10 I Know Ovulation Kits

                   You must be aware of the famous OTC products ‘i-Pill’ and ‘i-Can’ by Piramal Enterprises Ltd. After all the success in pregnancy test kits, now this brand is another step ahead towards guiding women regarding reproductive health and decisions related to it. Its newly launched ‘i-Know Ovulation kit’ will be helping women in many ways- from birth control to bringing new-born in this world.

Basically, this kit helps to detect the days when a woman ovulates. This is the period during which an egg cell is released from the ovary and hence the chances of conceiving are the highest. The product strongly performs on the basis of a hormone called – luteinizing hormone (LH). The rise in LH demonstrates the egg is released from the ovary.

Want to know how the kit works? It contains 5 testing strips, one testing device, a Urine dropper and Silica Gel. All a woman needs to do is to calculate the average days of her cycle and subtract 17 days from it.

Alert the blog is going to be a bit calculative here, so hope you aren’t afraid of math.

Suppose there are ‘n’ number of days

After subtracting that is “n – 17 = D”, here D = Days

Then start testing urine using strips from D day of the upcoming cycle.

Example :- The day menstrual cycle starts is 1st of January, and the next menstrual cycle starts from 30th of January, then N = 29 days which is to be subtracted from 17 and that equals to 12 days.

So after 12 days that is from 11th of February you need to start using “I know – Ovulation kit”.

So isn’t this very innovative? ‘I Know’ thus helps a woman to predict the best day in order to begin the journey of a healthy and happy child. This has and will be helping many couples to have a child. Be sure to visit the product website if you have more doubts, its really informative! You can also place an order with us (T&C), click here.


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