#4- Blog – Infection post vaccination?


               You must be hearing of people who got COVID-19 infection after receiving their vaccine shots. Someone among your friends, family members or even you! Such cases arise a doubt on efficacy of vaccines, don’t they? Let me simplify.

People who get vaccinated can get infected with COVID-19 on exposure to the virus. Infections detected in people 14 days after their vaccination are called ‘Breakthrough Infections’. But being detected as COVID-19 positive within 14 days after vaccination is not considered as a breakthrough infection. This is because our body requires two weeks to develop immunity against the virus post vaccination, and we get exposed to the virus before our immune system is ready to fight the virus. Although some breakthrough cases are severe and fatal, the proportion is less as compared to unvaccinated population with same risk factors. As per CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), vaccines are effective and monitoring of these cases are being done to find out factors responsible for them like age, sex, vaccine type, etc.


               Now let me answer another question lingering in your mind. Can second vaccine dose be taken by a person who gets COVID-19 positive after receiving first dose? The answer is Yes, but 8 weeks after getting tested positive for the virus. The aim of vaccination is to introduce your body to a foreign antigen so that your immune system develops its memory and a protective action in case this antigen is encountered second time. If you get infected with the virus after first vaccine dose, won’t the infection itself serve as a second dose? Remember, the second dose should not be missed in this case. Researchers have found that antibody levels in the body after vaccination are considerably higher than those after actual infection, thereby proving vaccines to be more protective. Any vaccine can have breakthrough cases and no vaccine can give 100% protection from the infection. All you need to do is give your body the necessary time to provide you protection. You may feel feverish and weak after vaccination. Take the necessary precautions, wear masks and maintain social distancing even if you are vaccinated. 

Most importantly, stay motivated. A positive attitude can help you be COVID negative! 

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