#3-Blog – India combat COVID 2nd Wave – 40 Countries to help

As per the current scenario, India is reporting the highest number of daily cases in world. Among Indian states, Maharashtra is still leading to the tally with the highest number of cases (more than 4 millions) followed by Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.

Due to this current scenario Indian government has implemented some improvements to lower the COVID- 19 cases like:-
• Supply of Remdesivir to 19 States/UT’s with high number of COVID-19 cases.
• 551 Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Generation Plants to be set up through PM CARES.
• Steel sector companies taking efforts to supplement medical oxygen supply in the country.
• To address shortage of oxygen tankers in the country, the government imports 20 cryogenic tankers of 10 MT and 20 MT capacity and allocates them to States.

Beside this, Indian government successfully pitched to other countries for pharmaceutical products like vaccines (AstraZeneca, REMDESIVIR), hydroxychloroquine and paracetamol.

1. As per the official reports the US ministry is dispensing 20 million of AstraZeneca vaccines to India as well as the multi pores filter for producing more 18 million vaccines by own. Also, the first batch of 20,000 doses of experimental drug Remdesivir is reaching in this week to India.
2. The US ministry is supposed to provide 10 million vaccines in stock and another 50 million are going to be manufactured in upcoming 2 months. 17 oxygen generator plants are also likely to be sent across.
3. India also countering with China related to cargo flights to remain operational as it’s needed for large medicinal supply as 10 flights per day.
4. Over 22 tones of medical supplies including oxygen arrived from Russia this Wednesday. India is expected to get 550 oxygen generating plants from partners across the world.
5. Italian PM Mario Draghi is shipping medical supplies and sending an oxygen production system.
6. The Indian Navy will help bring in a 40 MT OG oxygen shipment that has been gifted by Bahrain while 185 MT is expected from Kuwait.
7. India is also looking forward to procure Remdesivir from Egypt. Manufacturer Gilead has already promised 4.5 lakh doses of the medicine to India.

We have to reimagine the system to be something that’s truly equitable, because the pandemic is not over until it’s over everywhere.

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